Ireland Car RentalsOur Irish car rental rates are inclusive... know upfront.

Renting a car in Ireland is very inexpensive but probably the biggest decision for those looking to create their self drive vacation, mainly due to the choices: manual vs. automatic; Basic CDW insurance vs. Super CDW Insurance; Windscreen & Tire Insurance; additional drivers. By the time you add all of this up, your rental is two or three times the original rental cost.

We can provide just about any size car rental while in Ireland from the standard manual transmission economy cars that come with our low-priced Ireland Self Drive Package Tours to Ireland Minivan rentals and personal Ireland chauffeur services.

We like to get to know your travel style, length of your trip, comfort with driving and many more aspects of your plans so that we can make the right recommendation for note on the car type but the size and what will make your trip a success.

Choosing The Right Ireland Car Rental Size

We recommend getting the smallest car possible to reduce costs, fuel and the ease-of-driving the small Irish roads... however clients always try to go smaller than they should. Trying to fit three adults in an economy car is going to save, say $50, but make your trip miserable!

We list the recommended number of adults per car with all of our rentals and this is a good general rule for trips of 6 nights or less. If you're planning on a trip longer than 6 or 7 nights I would highly recommend upgrading to the next size car to accommodate the additional luggage and souvenir room as well as leg room for those stuck in the back.

More information on Choosing The Right Ireland Car Rental Size.

Credit Card, Deductible Deposit Hold & Debit Cards

When picking up a car rental in Ireland, the primary driver must present a credit card in their own name and have enough available credit to cover the deductible, ensuring the car rental company gets the deductible should you have an accident. This isn't charged to you card however you must have enough room on your card. You will not have access to this credit until you return the car and the hold is removed.

This means you cannot use a debit card for your rental because there are limits on debit card charges and holds. In addition, remember that you don't have access to the credit therefore your card can be declined if you don't have a sufficient credit amount.

If you do not have enough credit on your card for the hold, you will be required to purchase Super CDW Insurance.

Comparing Ireland Car Rentals Rates ... Apples-to-Apples

If you've read about package pricing you know that purchasing a car alone doesn't yield the best rates. If you're arranging everything yourself then the lowest priced car rentals, I've found, are with Auto Europe however their Ireland rentals do not allow for a refund for the first tank of gas if you return the car full.

If you need Car Insurance in Ireland, you can add it for a small fee compared to other companies. I've personally used Auto Europe in Ireland as well as Italy without a problem. Best of all, Auto Europe Free Rental Upgrades typically apply to rentals in Ireland so pay for the economy car and in most cases you'll get an upgrade to a compact car for the same price!

Our "All-Inclusive" Ireland Car Rental Rates

When you reserve a car rental with Enchanting Ireland, we provide "all-inclusive" rental pricing which includes: Basic CDW Insurance, theft & liablity, location surcharges as well as unlimited miles. This is the minimum coverage required therefore when you are pricing car rentals with other online companies you have to ensure that it includes all of the required insurances as well as incidental fees.

We are not persistent with clients and have let them book their own rentals with companies they perceived to be incredibly lower than our rates, only to discover a large charge at check-in for the insurance, location surcharges, theft and liability insurances... doubling their car rental rate. At that point they have no choice but to keep their reservation and pay whatever they are told is required.

We give you a copy of your rental agreement detailing all charges and update our site to ensure you know what "optional" insurance you can purchase... but are not required.

Paying the Dublin M50 Motorway Barrier-Free Toll

There are no longer toll booths on the M50 Motorway around Dublin however your car is electronically monitored and you have 24-hours to pay for your toll via telephone and credit card, a kiosk near the airport or online via the internet.

We found the process quite easy, opting to call in and pay for our toll via credit card.

Read more about the Dublin M50 Toll and how it affects car rental clients.

Ireland Car Rental Age Restrictions

Car rentals are restricted to those between the ages of 21 and 75 only and there are surcharges for those on the fringes.

If you are between 21 and 23 there is a supplement insurance surcharge of approximately €25 per day and for those 71 - 75 the surcharge is €10 per day, both payable directly to the rental company. These rates are subject to change and vary by rental agency. If you are over the age of 75, you cannot rent a car in Ireland. Some agencies will allow this if you have a previous record with them before turning 75.

Ireland Gas Prices

January 2016: €1.36 per liter unleaded = $1.50 US x 4 = $6.00 per gallon (approximately). You can find updated prices through http://www.aaireland.ie/petrolprices/

Ireland Car Rentals - Additional Drivers

Each rental comes with one driver autmatically covered under the rental agreement. Additional drivers are registered, and paid for, at the time of check-in. Just make sure you both have your valid U.S. licenses and you're set. Oh ... there is a surcharge, of course. It's approximately €10 per additional driver, per car, per day.

We've had many requests to pay this fee upfront but people change their minds, reservations change, etc. and the refund or change process is time consuming and costly therefore all additional drivers are presented and paid at check-in.

Ireland Car Rentals - Return Tank Full?

Some rental car agencies make you prepay the first tank of gas and ask that you return the car empty... but how likely are you to return the car empty when traveling in another country? Very unlikely and therefore they fill up the tank again and charge the next customer for a full tank, making money off of you.

I've addressed this with a few rental agencies at the 2002 Irish Tourist Board Convention and the answer is simple: return the car full and they'll refund your prepaid tank! Simple and saves a few dollars!

Please note that Auto Europe typically states in their contract that there will be no refunds if you return the tank full - very important because you could lose $60 or more by filling up.