Ireland ChauffeursAnyone can hire their own chauffeur/guide in Ireland.

Ireland Custom Private Chauffeur Tours

Chauffeur services in Ireland are not only possible but they can be extremely cost-effective with the right number of people -- and they're available for couples traveling alone to entire families! You can mix-and-match your accommodations, choosing from the most economical B&Bs, middle-range Manor Homes and perhaps a night or two in a a Deluxe Castle. Regardless, I am here to help plan each night, ensuring you are well situated for visiting as many of the sites in Ireland that you have on your list. Once your nights are planned, your days are free to work with your driver/guide to do as much or as little as you like.

We are quite experienced in planning the perfect chauffeur tour of Ireland for any size tour to Ireland and can help guide you through the process to ensure your private chauffeur tour is uniquely yours!

Estimate Your Ireland Chauffeur Costs

A private chauffeur/guide in Ireland is quite affordable when you organize a group of 6 or more traveling together, sharing the expense of a personal driver. You can estimate your costs here and then convert it to a Price Quote Request for a more accurate price.

Note: This is the minimum per person, land-only budget you should expect for a chauffeur tour. We can only give a rough estimate until properties an itinerary are selected, for which we require a non-refundable deposit.

Your Personal Ireland Guide

Your driver is more than just a chauffeur, he/she is also your tour guide, offering insight into the Irish culture, local attractions and off-the-beaten path sites. You will experience Ireland as the locals do when taking advantage of your guide's experience and knowledge for places that aren't major tourist attractions. Visit a prayer garden, hike to a hidden dolmen or have lunch in a local pub... just ask your personal Irish chauffeur!

Ireland Private Chauffeur - Basic Overview

  • Driver Gratuity: We suggest a gratuity starting at 10% of the total chauffeur cost (not including accommodations). Please see Tipping Your Ireland Driver
  • Driver Hours: Your driver is available to you for 8-hours per day, on average. Read more about Ireland Driver's Hours
  • Site Entrance Fees are not included and each person is responsible. Find out what else is included in Chauffeur Tours.
  • Driver's Accommodations: He takes care of his own... but an invite to lunch is nice.

Mix-and-Match Your Own Accommodations

You can mix and match your Irish accommodations just as you would with a custom ireland fly & drive vacation including Irish Bed and Breakfasts, Irish Manor House Hotels, Irish Deluxe & Country Castle Hotels, and standard hotels.

Irish B&Bs can only be reserved when one or two rooms are required and with sufficient notice due to the size of homes and number of rooms in each. Availability is limited during the high season so timing is very important in order to experience the true charm of Irish B&Bs

Triple accommodations limit choices at many hotels, castles and manor homes as the hotels are not equipped with two beds large enough for three people. Typical European rooms include two twin beds or one double bed so keep in mind that a group with one triple room may limit your accommodations when planning.

Customized Ireland Chauffeur Itinerary

One of the charms of our chauffeured tours of Ireland is that we help build a customized itinerary to meet the goals of your trip rather than giving you a tour route that you have to stick to. As usual, there is no additional charge for our planning services!

Private Ireland Chauffeur Vehicles

We receive many questions about the size of the vehicle used for each group. The smallest is a 6-passenger Mercedes Viano Luxury Bus so if you have 6 people, you'll need to be upgraded to ensure comfort. There is also a 16-seater as well as a 25-passenger bus therefore you will be quoted a tour using a vehicle large enough to fit you comfortably while traveling but also your lugggage and souvenirs.

8-Seat Mercedes Viano Luxury Bus Ireland Custom Private Chauffeur Tours
16-Seat Van Ireland Custom Private Chauffeur Tours
25-Seat Van Ireland Custom Private Chauffeur Tours
14-Seat Private Ireland Chauffeur Vehicle
16-Seat Private Ireland Chauffeur Vehicle
25-Seat Private Ireland Chauffeur Vehicle

Save Expenses and Split Chauffeur Costs

When we were new to the Ireland travel scene some 19 years ago, we worked with many reputable tour companies out there to organize our custom chauffeur tours of Ireland. Over the years we found that some charged ridiculous fees which meant our commission was yet another expense added onto client's bills. Worse yet, we had tour companies charing a per-person rate for chauffeur tours so the more people in your group, the more they made (and the more we made!)

Thankfully we met a wonderful private chauffeur in Ireland who helped us cut out all of the middle men including the "coach company" and the "tour operator", saving our clients a minimum of 20% right off the top!

Our rate comes to you direct from Ireland and the driver himself and includes the typical commission paid back to us which is common for all accommodations and transportation. We further keep the rates down by handling the currency exchange and transfer ourselves, a process which would add about $25 USD per transaction in the past.

The best part is that you are given a daily rate which is split among all travelers in the group, making it very cost effective when you have a small group!

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