Irish Bed & BreakfastA well-designed system for reserving and staying in Irish B&Bs.

B&B Ireland is the consolidation of the Town and Country B&Bs with the Irish Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast system, creating the largest B&B system in Ireland while bringing new technology for reservations and purchasing vouchers. This new system has kept costs in line and over the past few years we have seen very little increase in the cost of B&B vouchers.

Irish B&Bs are the most economical accommodations in Ireland, followed by hotels, 4-star Irish Manor Houses, 4-star Irish Country Castles, and finally 5-star Deluxe Irish Castles. Simply purchase your vouchers, receive your B&B book to determine where you want to stay and begin your Ireland trip planning.

Ireland B&B Voucher System

When purchasing an Ireland B&B package, you'll receive vouchers, one for each night. Reservations are now made online with a live booking portal, giving you instant access to available B&Bs matching your criteria. Gone are the days of emailing property owners numerous times to confirm reservations or have a reservation lost. Once confirmed, simply turn over your voucher after breakfast and you're on your way!

Vouchers save money, reduce the need for carrying cash ... and are now non-refundable, though a surcharge does apply to research each voucher to make sure it was not used.

There are been several discussions about B&B owners not liking vouchers and I won't dispute that they have in the past. It reduced their income during the peak season when they could simply name their price. Cash is also a system that saves taxes by keeping that income "off the books."

Recent changes within the Irish Bed and Breakfast Voucher System have solved this problem:

  • B&Bs must pay a fee to join a B&B Voucher System therefore the system offers them great visibility (Irish B&B Certification Process)
  • B&Bs now offer online reservations, a part of B&B Voucher System
  • B&B Vouchers are now electronic which results in instant payment direct to the B&B owner's bank account
  • B&Bs will be rated as 3-, 4- and 5-star properties, enabling B&B owners to earn more for maintaining and upgrading their homes (Irish B&B Rating System)

The bottom line is this, B&B owners would not pay the €450/year fee to join a B&B Voucher System if they did not want to accept vouchers. For me, it protects my clients because I have a direct line to Ireland should a client have a problem or if vouchers are lost.

Purchase Ireland B&B Vouchers Direct with Lowest Rates

Irish B&B Voucher rates are calculated each date based on the currency exchange, ensuring you receive the most accurate rate available. Many tour operators set their rates for the year based on an expected currency rate for the year, increasing if the rates go up but never lower the rates when the USD rises.

Ireland B&B rates are per room, per night.

Single Double/Twin Triple
Low $85.76 $116.29 $159.90
High $90.12 $125.01 $186.06
Order Discount Ireland B&B Vouchers Online

You can now order Ireland B&B Vouchers online! These rates are just vouchers, the lowest rates and will be emailed to you. There will be no itinerary planning available to you if you purchase vouchers online rather than through one of our agents.

The Irish B&B

Bed and Breakfasts are often the only source of income for families in Ireland, relying on tourists to make their living during the high season and sometimes shut down during the slower month of January. With all businesses, some are better run that others therefore I've posted those B&Bs where I've stayed and would stay in again.

One of the common questions we get is, "How are the Irish B&Bs selected and rated?" We decided to give you a more detailed explanation to assure you that our Irish B&B system is the best there is! Our properties will now be rated: 3-star, 4-star and 5-star based on ammenities, ensuring you receive the service and amenities that you expect. Read how Irish B&Bs are rated or Irish B&B Certification Requirements.

Ireland Bank Holidays

Bank Holidays are similar to our Federal/National Holidays here in the States -- most businesses are closed. And in Ireland you'll find some B&Bs closed as well, mainly in the bigger cities. Keep this in mind and plan ahead...

  • New Year's Day
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Easter
  • First Monday in June
  • First Monday in August
  • Last Monday in October
  • Christmas

Dublin Summer B&B Supplement

Due to the low number of B&Bs in and around Dublin - and the tough competition to get a room, I highly recommend booking a hotel room during your stay in this city. Staying with a 3* hotel you'll spend just a bit more than a B&B but you'll be downtown in the middle of it all. If you do stay in a B&B in Dublin you will be required to pay a small supplement, in cash, directly to the owner in addition to your voucher. Please refer to your B&B book for exact cost (€7.5 per night as of 2007).

1st Floor Requirement

I've had a few requests from clients for hotels due to elderly or disabled companions unable to climb stairs, but otherwise mobile. The B&B book provided with your self drive vacation includes photos of each property, allowing you to choose one-story homes for your accommodations!

Calling Your B&B

Carrying coins to call your B&B can be cumbersome -- purchase a prepaid calling card for your local calls while in Ireland! You can purchase an International Calling Card for as low as $10 euros -- call your B&B and call home (to make everyone jealous) with the same card!

Ireland B&B Reservations

Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis therefore I highly recommend reservations during the high season and for popular towns regardless of the season. If you are "winging it", call between 10am and 1pm for your current night's reservation in the smaller towns and low season. Your current B&B host may call ahead at breakfast should you have your B&B picked out.

There are no reservation fees for our clients when choosing one of our B&Bs.

Irish Bed and Breakfast Reservation Tips

There are a few hints/tips to usings B&B's that everyone should know, more so if you are "winging it":
  • Make your reservation between 10:00am - 1:00pm the day of your stay (first come, first serve!)
  • Provide credit card to hold room (it won't be charged -- unless you don't show!)
  • Advise the B&B owner where you are and your anticipated arrival time
  • Call your B&B if you will be late -- and where you are to judge distance and new arrival
  • Ask what time breakfast is served upon check-in and be prompt (guests are usually staggered so the cook isn't cooking all at once)
  • Turn over your voucher after breakfast (along with any supplements for Dublin during high season)

Are You an Irish B&B Owner? Want To Become Preferred?

In an effort to help clients find quality B&Bs, Enchanting Ireland & Beyond has created a new Preferred B&B program which allows B&Bs to join and link back to Enchanting Ireland to verify your participation.

Membership also allows you to display your website and email address.

Please contact us through the "About Us" link at the top of each page.

If you are are a client and find our logo on a B&B website, please make sure you click on it to verify the authenticity. If you are not redirected to our site with the correct B&B displayed, it's not one of our preferred B&Bs!